How can I help?

Great question!  (We thought you'd never ask!)

There are a number of ways you can lend a hand to the Boys Soccer program, with as big or as little commitment as fits your availability.

We are currently looking for volunteers in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Booster Club Board

  • Game Announcer

  • Photographer

  • Graphic Design

  • Game Film/Video

  • End of Year Banquet

Who do I contact?

Marc Wilson, Booster Club President, is your contact if you're interested in being a board member or want to help with the banquet.

The Booster Club Board is a great way to help out; there are, both, positions and tasks big and small.  As athletes graduate and move on, so do Booster Club parents.  We're always looking for new members!

Coach Rod is your contact for all the multimedia related needs.


We need an announcer on the mic at Varsity home games.  Pre-game intros, subs, goals/assists, etc.

We need a photographer who can snap a few quality (perhaps creative?) team photos March 2nd or 3rd.

Graphic design know how is a plus, as we need your skills to work with these photos!


We're also looking for someone to film Varsity games, both home and away.  Camera and tripod provided!