UPDATE RE: COVID-19 - as of 3/19/20, 5pm

I have received the following updates from the Washington Interscholastic Atheltics Administration (WIAA):

"WIAA staff have conferred with WIAA District Directors, gathered feedback from the WIAA Student Leadership Committee, and received countless emails from students and parents urging the WIAA to preserve the state championship experience if the opportunity allows. With schools currently scheduled to reopen after April 24, the WIAA will hold State Championship events as scheduled. Any further delays could put State Championships in jeopardy as no championships will be held after May 30 to avoid conflicts with graduation.
The blanket waiver to WIAA practice restrictions will allow for student-athletes to achieve 10 practices within five days. As an example, administrators could hold a schoolwide conditioning practice before classes and sport-specific practices in the afternoon as a way to reach 10 practices efficiently and safely. No matter the outcome of the following weeks, there will be no reduction to the minimum number of practices required to compete. Undoubtedly some creativity and imagination will be needed at the local level to make the most of a shortened season and to choose qualifying procedures that best apply to your league and district. Local control has been a hallmark of our Association and those regular season/qualifying decisions will need to be made by local leaders.
As part of that creative solution, we do recommend that schools and leagues organize a continuation of the regular season for schools that do not advance to State Championships. These games may be played through the end of State Championships on May 30. While nothing will be able to replace the time taken away from these students, especially seniors, providing more avenues to create lifelong memories with their teammates should be the ultimate goal.
In the meantime, the instruction from Governor Inslee and the OSPI has been to discontinue all organized contests and practices. The WIAA supports that mandate and no member schools should be competing or practicing at this time in an effort to keep everyone in our communities safe. We thank you all for not only keeping students safe but ensuring an equitable playing field for when we can return to action."



What does all of this mean for LWHS boys’ soccer?

  • We must be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to begin right away on April 27

  • Individual players should continue to develop their fitness, technique, soccer IQ, etc. Coaches will be providing guidance in the form of recommended workouts and tips.  

  • Coaches can hold video conferences with players (varsity had one today, 3/19).

  • Team activities are canceled (Camp Casey trip, community service, champions league watch party). When spring season resumes, these activities may be rescheduled if possible.

  • Fundraising is on hold until we get closer to April 27 Spring season



We all have a number of unanswered questions at this point. I am here to help answer any questions you have, and to do my best to ease your concerns. Please direct questions to me; if I cannot answer your questions, I will organize them and present them to Mr. O’leary.


We are all hopeful that our boys will have a Spring season to compete in, whatever that looks like. More info as soon as I know it.


Coach Rummel